Payment by Ideal is prior to delivery.

The buyer can also ask for an international invoice sent by email.

The buyer will receive by email an invoice and a payment confirmation.

There is a period of 2 weeks time for reflection starting on the day of receipt of the artwork.

If the order is revoked the amount of euros will be refunded after the work is back at the gallery in Delft.

The return has to be performed in the same way and in the original packaging as the transport to the buyer and will be paid by the buyer.

Costs in the Netherlands for the return transport will be by parcel post between € 10 and € 50, and for a special courier or transport carried out by the gallery for large and / or sensitive works between € 50 and € 200.

After determining that the work is still in its original state the amount of euros minus the back transport costs will be refunded to the buyer within two weeks after reception of the art work in Delft.

Works of artists from The Netherlands are on consignment and fall under the 6% VAT rate.

Works from collections and from abroad fall under the 21% VAT rate.



Free delivery in the Netherlands.

Delivery is carried out by parcel post or, if the art works are large or fragile, by special courier or personnaly by the gallery.

The artwork can also be picked up at the gallery in Delft.

Delivery will take place as soon as possible after payment has been received within 30 days after payment.

If desired, the gallery can help with the installation of the art work, there are no charges.

Communication concerning the delivery is via email and / or telephone.

Delivery outside the Netherlands and an eventually return is at the buyer's expense, request a quote for delivery costs at


Origin of the works

The works in the shop are selected from our stock.

All artworks are located in the gallery in Delft and are originating from artists with a long relation with the gallery like exhibitions throughout the years.

The art works are signed by the artists and extensively photographed by the gallery.

If more pictures are desired, such as art works including frames, can be requested by email.

Most works can be found in the exhibition program of the gallery, see under the names of the artists at as well as for their biographies.



For most works, the Kunstkoop can be used for buyers working in The Netherlands.

The Kunstkoop is founded by the Dutch cultural government and administered by the Mondriaan Fund and is used by a Group of selected galleries in the Netherlands.

By using the Kunstkoop the purchase of an artwork can be financed without cost and without interest.

The purchase amount minus 10% deposit (with a maximum of € 450) is financed by ABN AMRO Bank in two or three years.

For more information see